Intersection at the Corner of Regular and Facebook Friend

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Savvy restaurant and bar employees know that marketing is a group effort. While the company may maintain social media platforms and engage in digital or traditional marketing to help drive business, team members can engage in their own efforts (providing it doesn’t violate company policy) to increase their personal base of regulars as well.

Learn to Share Effectively

Visuals and imagery are key to engaging your fans, friends and followers on social platforms. Fortunately for you, the restaurant business provides ample opportunity for great pictures. Have a great special you’re promoting tonight? Snap a pic of that pretty plate and get to sharing.

Facebook friends are a great way to get your content in front of people who already have a connection with you and therefore are more likely to come in quicker than someone with very little connection. However, when it comes to sharing, maximize effectiveness by deploying across several platforms.

Instagram offers the opportunity to take a photo, spice it up with filters and tags, and then share across both Instagram as well as Twitter and Facebook. By using Instagram to post your pictures to Facebook, you’re effectively killing two birds with one stone. Make sure to add descriptive text to get your friends’ attention.

Promote the Important Stuff And Do It Regularly

Don’t post so sporadically that you surprise your friends with something exciting and then disappear for so long that they forget you work in the restaurant business. Make it a point to post with regularity. If you have delicious new specials every Friday night, make a regular Friday night highlight post. Your friends will start to remember that your restaurant has great specials on Fridays and you’ll start to see them in person on Fridays instead of in your comments section.

For bigger news, pepper in special events and news into your posts as you have it, but don’t make it overly promotional or salesy. Stick to only real information if a band will be playing next Wednesday night or the restaurant is sponsoring a local charity event, share that. Skip the forced “Tuesday Night Is Pasta Night!” posts and keep it comfortable for both you and your friends.

Tag Away!

Leverage your friends by tagging them in pictures at your restaurant. Friends of theirs will see and you’ll get more exposure for your restaurant. Of course, make sure you have your friends’ consent before doing this.

Not sure how to get started? Stick with what you’re comfortable with and share “organically”, meaning make posts that are in your own words and are about things you actually care about. People can tell if posts are genuine or forced and the results you see from your efforts will be a direct reflection of that.


One response to “Intersection at the Corner of Regular and Facebook Friend

  1. Good post, more often business owners promote excessively in the social media. It is important to post how different your restaurant is from your competitors and where you stand out – to appease the audiences.

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