The Paperless Advantage

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Hiring new employees can be complex and time-consuming.  Best practices can help, but you need a new employee as quickly as possible.  You need the paperless advantage.


Understanding the Problem

When hiring a new employee, you wade through applications and resumes.  You interview a few candidates who seem like they’d fit the needs of your restaurant.  You make an offer.  Now, you have to get your new employee onboard.  It’s a tedious, paper-consuming process that takes hours away from your many other duties.  It doesn’t have to be that way.

Best Practices

A variety of “best practices” can help you streamline your hiring. Forbes’ Gauri Sharma offers up these suggestions:

  • Network to identify possible employees.
  • Look for the traits that make your employees successful.
  • Test how candidates respond to a simulated day-to-day task.
  • Pay attention to candidates’ communications skills.
  • Inform candidates about the current challenges your restaurant is facing.
  • Select members of your team to help you vet prospective employees.
  • Create a hiring agenda to streamline the hiring process.
  • Always check the candidates’ references before making an offer.
  • Be upfront with “leap-of-faith candidates,” so they know what you expect of them.

Inc.’s Christine Lagorio-Chafkin says, “Even if you don’t have an HR department, having solid human-resources policies is essential from day one.”  You need company policies and procedures.  You need face-time with new hires.  You need to provide thorough instructions to get them up to speed. Of course, when you’re a busy manager running a restaurant you want to place new staff as quickly as possible.  Best practices are probably the last thing on your mind.  What you really need is a solution.

The Red Book Connect Solution

Red Book Connect offers real, cloud-based solutions to your management problems, including hiring and onboarding, which gives you the paperless advantage and so much more! Our solution empowers you to:

  • Post your advertisement to hundreds of job boards with one click,
  • Create a branded career-site for your restaurant,
  • Rank applicants based on specific criteria,
  • Comply with HR laws and regulations,
  • Screen the backgrounds of applicants,
  • Fill out tax forms online and more.

By using Red Book Connect’s solution, you can:

  • Make better informed hiring decisions,
  • Hire more qualified applicants,
  • Reduce hiring costs by as much as 60%,
  • Automate tedious, time-consuming tasks, and
  • Organize and simplify your hiring processes.

If you want to see for yourself what our hiring solution can do, you need to watch this quick testimonial.  Then, request a free demo!  If you really want to streamline your hiring process, ask about the three-in-one solution.


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