Our BAE Execution Principles: A Prescription for Effectiveness

Cover of "Getting Things Done: The Art of...

Software Advice recently shared with us how they took action and helped their team become more organized and effective,  because we all know its important to not just assume your team has it together.  Software Advice shared with us their very own BAE Principles: Their secret to executing on everything from small tasks to large projects. They borrowed from the classic text on organization, Getting Things Done by David Allen,  and added in the use of modern project management tools.

Here’s is a brief overview of what they teach employees:

Getting Stuff Done

An adaptation of Allen’s “getting things done”. The principle is twofold:

  • Break up projects into manageable chunks. Focus on the very next step that needs to be taken to complete each of their projects. This makes projects feel more manageable, and allows everyone to always be making progress.

Move Quickly

In business, momentum is important, and employees need to be able to work quickly and deftly. There are several components to this:

  • Deliver early and frequently. When dealing with large projects try to deliver something valuable as soon as possible.
  • Seek quick wins.  Accomplish something positive right off the bat when starting a project.  It will help you gain momentum,  set good expectations and builds trust and authority.

Google Exists

Employees should feel free to ask questions when they need to; at the same time its important to empower employees to use resources such as the internet to get answers to their questions. This frees up busy managers and keeps things running smoothly for. Furthermore, finding the answers to questions on your own builds problem-solving skills and demonstrates individual initiative. Keep in mind that doesn’t mean questions shouldn’t be asked.

Steps for Implementing the BAE Principles

There are many great online products out there to help you get and stay organized: The Manager’s Digital Red Book, Basecamp,  Google Calendar and more. Armed with such resources, here are the basic steps we take to get started:

  • Create a Project list
  • Create a Next Actions list
  • Create a Waiting For list
  • Clean your inbox
  • Put appointments, project deadlines and reminders on your calendar
  • Review everything daily

Using the BAE Principles and the technology available to them Software Advice has managed to get organized, and stay that way. Give it a try, implement these principles in your business or your personal life, organization is key to success!

You can view  Don Fornes’s original article here and get more detailed steps on the process.


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