The Glue That Keeps It Together

What is the glue that holds things together at your company? It might be the people you work with; your fellow employees.  It’s more of a trickle up than trickle down philosophy. Employees are what hold most companies together. Employees do the work, and play out the company’s objectives/mission. Needless to say, without them you don’t have much. So how do you keep them going when the tank is only half full or nearly empty?


Communicate – Make it easy for employees to stay up to date on important information like schedules, store messages, roster and contact information; which can all be posted internally or accessed online or by mobile. HotSchedules offers a great web-based scheduling and information tool that managers can implement. The best part is it’s web-based so you can manage internal employee communication from anywhere.

Listen – Don’t talk down to or at employees – listen to what they have to say. Some of the best creative ideas from major companies have come from employees. Take Best Buy for example. After assembling women employees for a focus group on how to make the store more attractive to female shoppers, they realized they weren’t targeting that underserved market. They also found that women spent more money and returned less often.

Have fun – You can’t be all business all the time. Having fun and giving breaks is key. Events, contests and incentive programs give employees a much needed break from all of their hard work. We have a company picnic coming up and hosted employees at a Rockies baseball game a few weeks ago. Not only are these events fun, they help employees build relationships and friendships at work. This, in turn, builds trust and people learn how to work with each other based on their personalities.  Studies show that people who have friends at work are generally more satisfied and engaged than their counterparts.

Provide opportunities – Give employees the opportunity to grow through education or positions within the company. E-learning is becoming a very popular and easy way to give employees an opportunity to learn and educate themselves on off times during lunch, on a break or away from the office. Schoox is a new e-learning platform with a varied catalog of free and paid courses focusing on content as diverse as the service industry or foreign languages.

Don’t forget, most people don’t want to be stale. People want to grow! Make sure you keep employees informed of open positions and make them available to all employees. This can help create a sense of accomplishment and drive.

Ecosystem – Who doesn’t like working in a friendly and clean environment? Well, most of us do. Have designated spots for employees to take breaks, and keep areas like restrooms in tip top shape. The surrounding environment can boost moral. Atmospherics isn’t just used in stores and restaurants to sell goods and services, it can be used to improve how employees feel and work.

These are just a few of many ideas for how to fuel your employees for greatness and keep them on top. Workers who are happy,  love where they work and feel appreciated rub off on others and push the company to greatness. So don’t wait too long to implement these best practices. Get started today!

By Crystal Gardner, Marketing Production Manager at Red Book Solutions | 6 Years Marketing and Project Management Experience in Agency, Corporate and Private Institutions | University of DenverDaniels College of Business, Office Of Communications & Marketing, Office Manager


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