Mixed Bag of Managers | What Type of Manager Are You?

Having read a popular book based on the actual experiences of an employee who works in a five-star hotel in London (some good and some shocking), I thought about my own experiences in the restaurant industry and about the many different types of managers out there.

In my 25 years in the hospitality industry as a manager and coach I have come across the following types of managers and still do. Do you recognize any of the following managers? This list does stereotype certain personality types and styles, so it is designed to be a tool for debate, to help managers identify possible pitfalls when dealing with staff. The names are tongue-in-cheek, subjective but can still nevertheless be helpful. See if you recognize any of these management styles in yourself. If you can, identify ways to correct the behaviors to make yourself an even better manager!

1)    Race horse rider: This manager walks among the tables with blinders on just doing the rounds. Just like a race horse running a race on an oval track, physically there, but not mentally. Walking around because he has been told to; when he approaches a table he simply asks ‘Is everything alright?’ It amazes me how many managers use this line. Managers need to work and ‘touch’ the tables. Customers enjoy it when a manager engages in conversation and really demonstrates that he or she is interested in them.

2)    ‘Just do it, because I told you to’: Gone are the days when autocratic-styled managers are king (or at least they think they are). They throw their authority around recklessly and make work a living hell. Times have changed. Yes, salary is important; however staff also want to work in an environment where they are developed, recognized and empowered.

3)    The traffic cop: The restaurant is humming and there is the traffic cop manager standing in the middle of the restaurant directing the staff as if they don’t know where they are going. As a manager you add value to your staff and business by rolling up your sleeves and working, not by directing traffic.

4)    The mosquito: This manager is always buzzing irritatingly behind staff. He or she is annoying and always getting in the way, micromanaging staff and not allowing them to think for themselves or to make any decisions. To thrive, staff requires an environment where they are empowered and, in certain instances, allowed to make decisions.

CLICK HERE to read the full list of manager styles.

We can be many different types of managers under different circumstances, stresses and personal issues. There are a myriad of studies in management; the above constitute some of my personal experiences in hiring and working with managers. If you are brave enough, why don’t you give this list to your staff and see if they can identify you as one of or an amalgamation of the above types of managers? And what types of managers do they plan on being one day?

As I have written previously, management is the key to the success of your business. If you hire the wrong shift or support manager, no matter how good your line staff is, the restaurant will not succeed. In most restaurants there is no one person that impacts the success and profitability of a business as a manager does.

The Restaurant Code is a one-stop professional hospitality management and restaurant consultancy providing consulting services to the hospitality industry nationally and internationally. Key services include strategy, operations, franchising, training and marketing.

The Restaurant Code’s key focus is based around the customer experience, translating to increasing a business’s top and bottom line. Larry Hodes is a partner in The Restaurant Code. For further information go to www.therestaurantcode.com.

By, Guest Blogger Larry Hodes

Larry Hodes has over 25 years of experience in hospitality, which includes consulting to the hospitality industry, owning and operating 2 restaurants, working as an Organizational Development Manager for a global food service company, heading up HR and training for a large restaurant chain, Restaurant Operations Manager for a 5 star hotel, as well as management for other independent and chain restaurants. Currently he is a partner in The Restaurant Code (www.therestaurantcode.com); a hospitality consulting company. Email: larry@therestaurantcode.com


4 responses to “Mixed Bag of Managers | What Type of Manager Are You?

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  3. I think from time to time, we all fall into these types. If we look hard at ourselves honestly, we have all been there. Sadly, we now tend to worry more about being liked and praised by our staff, rather than getting results!

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