The Power of Will

A couple of weeks ago, I was given the opportunity by our expert 3rd party research partner, Empire Research Group, to attend an event, put on by the motivational guru Tony Robbins, called Business Mastery—an experience built through an extreme immersion of time and information to rewire the attendees’ way of thinking so we could “unstick” ourselves to achieve more. Literally, he boomed the importance of doing the right things at the right time.

“Business Mastery is emotional mastery… if you can’t master your emotions you’ll fail at business.” – Tony Robbins

This doesn’t mean don’t show any. Emotions are powerful. Be a master at how and when you choose to use them. Control them to achieve the outcomes you want. Energy is contagious. Find what compels you and share that energy. Make it positive though. Emitting fear only puts people in a fight, flight or freeze mode. Not a great place to work from for anyone, plus your customer experience will falter and, in turn, you and your business will ultimately suffer the most from a profits standpoint.

What I took away from this discussion was that “will power” was a great place to start. I figure you’ll be more engaged in what you are doing if you know your compelling reason for doing it. What is your desired outcome? Does it energize and excite you? If it does it will be infectious. These items not only fuel you, but also, if powerful enough, can fuel everyone around you.  When this doesn’t happen in this fashion, then you probably weren’t doing the right thing or it wasn’t at the right time. You have to have the conviction to question yourself and hold yourself accountable.

Even though I believe and understand the value of all this at its core doing it, really doing it, is much harder than expected—if I’m truly being honest with myself. What rose to the surface in all of this was a need to create a way to hold myself in the new track until it becomes natural.


  1. What do I want the outcome to be?
  2. What is my compelling reason to want that outcome?
  3. Do I have the ability to make it happen or do I need help?


Plan – Create a blueprint to understand the vision and the details to make it a reality.

Prioritize – Put in place my 3-1-3 to keep the ball moving on what’s important.

Process – Use a daily system to break down my high-level objectives into everyday actions.

Postmortem – check in with my plan and actions regularly so I can hold myself accountable, course correct when necessary, create opportunities to learn and teach, as well as celebrate milestones.

Of course, if I begin by actually writing it down my ability to achieve it goes up drastically. Studies prove that by doing this in the written hand increases retention, accelerates learning, drives better decision-making, and ignites more brain activity. Count me in. On a personal note, all of this exercises my brain in a way that makes it healthier and regulates emotions. Wonderful, sounds good.

We learn things, get incredibly excited by them, know that by doing them our lives will change for the better, and, finally, swear we will do them. Then the honeymoon is over and life picks up again dragging us back to our former mindset of what needs to get done (our familiar comfortable old friend… the rut). Seemingly reasonable distractions continue to do what they do best—distract. In the back of our minds the things we wanted to focus on are always there nagging at us, creating a level of stress and, let’s face it, a background feeling of failure because we know but we just aren’t doing. The voices get quieter as the weeks pass by into months. We all know deep down the strength of our will to carry out our decisions, wishes, or plans is what defines our success as leaders.

And, hey, where there’s a will there’s a way.

Shiloh Kelly, Vice President of Marketing, Red Book Solutions 


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