Hot Off the Press – New Tools for Better Managers

We are pleased to announce an abundance of new resources available to top performing managers for free!

Better Managers Resource eNewsletter – The August/September issue of the Better Managers Resource is out. This issue focuses on time and priority management and customer service.  To sign up to receive this free bi-monthly email newsletter send us a note at to be added.

White Paper: Lack of Focus Costs Managers both Professionally and Personally – This FREE white paper explores the cause and effect that a lack of focus on primary corporate initiatives causes among managers, and how they can regain focus even during periods of heavy volume and minimal staffing. These findings can be translated into helping managers within other industries as well.

Better Managers Webinar Series – Part 1 in our 6 part series is on Priority Management. Spend less than 10 minutes and learn how to put focus where it counts.

Better Managers Group Facebook Page – Have you been looking for a forum where you can chat with peers on topics like customer service and employee turn-over? What about best-practices, compliance or KPIs? Connect with operators, owners, managers, even casual employees at our newly launched Better Managers Facebook page to share ideas and questions that relate to these highly specialized fields. Dedicated client support personnel are available to answer your tough questions, hear product feedback, and listen to your ideas for improvements to make good managers better. Get involved and get what you need.

And as always, check out our Better Managers RESOURCE page on the Red Book Solutions site for all of our tips, tricks, and best practices for top performing managers.


2 responses to “Hot Off the Press – New Tools for Better Managers

  1. Good to see a taelnt at work. I can’t match that.

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