Performance Lever 5: Resources

How often have the following situations hindered the everyday work of your managers and staff?

  • Tools, materials, and equipment are unavailable, difficult to access, complex to operate, or broken
  • Decision makers and subject matter experts unavailable or difficult to find
  • Decision-making data unavailable, difficult to access, or inaccurate

Organizations often see resource limitations as simply an inconvenience requiring the flexibility or creativity of managers and staff. When listing the resources needed to complete work, organizations often identify phones, computers, pens, paper, and desks.  Although necessary for everyday operations, the list is far from complete.

Everyday resources needed by managers, if they are to perform, also include access to:

When these resources are unavailable, inaccurate, difficult to use, or difficult to access it is an obstacle to business results.  It is a time waster and employee de-motivator.

Ironically, managers and frontline employees have become familiar with resource deficiencies.  They have adapted with “workarounds.”  These shortcuts move work along and are often inefficient, but can have delayed undesirable consequences.

If everyday resources are to contribute and not distract from business results and performance, then a number of characteristics must be present. Some of these are:

  • Tools and equipment are available at the moment they are needed.
  • Decision-making authority is readily available.
  • Subject-matter experts are accessible with the needed expertise.
  • Decision-making data is easily accessible.
  • Policies and procedures are easy to understand.

Are all the resources your managers need to perform at high levels available, accessible, and simple to use?

As a review:

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Tim LaMacchio, Business Performance Engineer, Red Book Solutions


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