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Welcome to the Better Managers Blog brought to you by Red Book Solutions.  By being part of our community, you will be given new avenues on how to increase manager’s performance.  Our philosophy contains three core beliefs:

  1. Managers  directly affect  results
  2. When Managers follow company initiatives and standards results improve
  3. Managers’ behaviors can be changed

What does this mean to you?  You can rest assured that improving manager performance is simpler than one would think.  Even more enticing is the fact that companies with multi-unit locations benefit the most from the Red Book Solutions’ philosophy.

Thanks to the internet and the rapid changes in technology, we have watched companies put all of their focus on getting as much information as possible to their managers.  It made perfect sense, information is knowledge and knowledge is power.  However, what were the substantiated results?  Hard to tell.

What we do know is everyone became overwhelmed with large quantities of data and reports.  More over, they are generally confused about what to do with it all.  Maximum results are derived from how the information is evaluated and what actions are taken as a result of the evaluation, not solely from the information itself.   As companies start to warm up to this fact, they appear to take one of two approaches:

  • The “Central” approach assumes that the people in the field are not capable of evaluating the information and definitely cannot create sufficient action plans to solve the problem, so they will do it for them.
  • The “Better Manager” approach gives managers in the field the top customized performance tools to help them evaluate information and create their own action plans.  These tools then make sure their growth is constantly and consistently fueled by providing meaningful feedback and guided practice.

Frankly, we strongly side with the “Better Manager” approach.

We believe that companies need to reinforce basic business practices.  When you look back through history, tradesmen upheld their trade through the exchange between the Master Craftsman and the Apprentice.   What the Master Craftsman did was make sure that the Apprentice learned the trade.  The Apprentice didn’t learn the trade by just being part of a few hours or days of training, they had to practice their trade for many years under the guided supervision of the Master Craftsman.

Fast forward to the industrial revolution where a new model came about to keep up with the explosive growth of the times.  The Master Craftsmen evolved into the Manager where production reigned.  The Apprentice position broke down into various roles split between various people.   Today, many businesses’ structures have led to the creation of franchises.  The management model modified further with the introduction of area supervisors who are now responsible for dozens upon dozens of outlying managers.   Inevitably, this new era of geographic expansion has left field managers isolated.

What can make this model work is when the company provides the manager with tools and systems that do the following:

  1. Cause the manager to live the standards established by the company
  2. Focus the manager on evaluating critical information and creating action plans to resolve issues
  3. Provide channels to give meaningful feedback for overall performance evaluation

Many companies lean on expensive consulting firms to tell them how to increase performance.  What they do not provide are the tools and systems to make that advice come to life, much less sustain it.  Generally none of their services are directed at improving the performance of managers in the field.  Your Better Manager Blog, along with Red Book Solutions, is here to be a part of changing that.

Greg Thiesen, Chief Executive Officer, Red Book Solutions

At Red Book Solutions, we make good managers better. Every business has certain standards they know must be met—every day, every where—in order to achieve their Vision and Mission.  The Better Managers Group gets your people to live the standards you believe in.

Stay tuned each week for more valuable insights from our Better Managers Blog.

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2 responses to “Welcome to the Better Managers Blog

  1. I agree – a lot of this has to do with focus.
    If you dump a lot of data on your mgmt team, it’s hard for them to turn this into actionable decision-making.
    Key is to spend the time to select the right metrics, set up dashboards to monitor them over time and make small adjustments as necessary.
    Here at Unisfair we have made great progress with this approach.

    • Joerg you definitely hit on a core point. The linchpin is the ability to not only monitor but adapt the tool to continue to move your brand initiative successfully forward in an ever changing marketplace. It is great to see prominent companies like Unisfair always staying ahead of the curve around building strong communities. Thank you for your comment.

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